The hunting and playing instinct of domestic cats wants to be satisfied so that everyday life does not become too monotonous. That's why we have put together a diverse range of cat toys for you, ranging from classics such as the fur ball to a wide variety of stuffed animals and play fishing rods - there's something for every velvet paw.

Cat toys in colorful variety

Cat toys are intelligence toys: The products are of extremely high quality and are made of guaranteed harmless materials. If you want to keep your pet busy and thus stimulate your cat's instincts and intelligence, you will always make an excellent choice with items such as a rustling tunnel or a food maze. you will be speechless with what enthusiasm your four-legged roommate works the playing field.

Fun & Training

Whether stuffed mouse or "Fun Circle", the toys in the Meowpu provide fun and training: tomcat and pussycat remain agile and healthy until old age, if only the senses of the animals are sufficiently occupied. 

Whether catnip or valerian, there are plants whose scent has an irresistible and extremely animating effect on cats. Therefore, we also carry a large selection of pillows and stuffed animals filled with these stimulating herbs. However, you should keep in mind that these cat toys will only ever be in your pet's clutches for a short period of time. This way, you can make sure that your cat is excited every time the Catnip plush toy or the Valerian pillow is brought out. The combination of toy and scratching post is also a variant that really imposes itself: At Meowpu you can get various scratching furniture for cats, whose attractiveness is further enhanced by an exciting toy.

Cats are usually extremely playful and curious

With our first-class cat toys, you can keep your cat busy and ensure that no boredom arises. We have a varied selection for pet-loving cat owners.

Creative cat toys keep the kitty fit

Toys with herbal scent