Custom Collections

If you have an idea you want to develop or you want a line of products no one else has, then a custom collection is what you’re looking for.

Choosing a custom collection means:


A Unique Design From Concept To Production

First, we’ll discuss your needs or your existing drawings.

Then, we’ll research your target, and create/modify drawings and models based on their needs.

After you select some designs, we’ll produce prototypes / 3D print samples. And Once you get a chance to feel and test, you’ll pick your samples for order.

We’ll order the materials, start production, and get them to you or your customers as soon as possible.

Please note, developing a custom collection will take some time since it’s a creative process. To ensure you get your products on time, we advise that you get started at least one season ahead of time. We estimate roughly 3-6 months from start to first-order delivery and 3 to 4 weeks for subsequent orders. Keep in mind that the length of the process will vary with the speed of communication and decision-making. But of course, the results will be fabulous!


Products That Are Exclusive To Your Brand

We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements with our customers and to assist them in patenting their products.

We also guarantee that we will not divulge product development details to any non-essential third party, and will not manufacture and sell our customers' exclusive products for other customers & our own brands.


Full Technical Assistance From Professional Product Developers

Our experienced development team will patiently assist you with any questions or problems you may have in developing your new product.


Minimum Order Depends On Specific Design

The minimum order quantity of the product will depend on the material you choose, the product parameters, etc.


However, in order to support our customers in developing new products, we will lower the minimum order quantity as much as possible to reduce our customers' product development costs.

Business Cooperation

When ordering from Meowpu, you have two options.

First, you can choose products from our existing collections.

Second, if you’d rather have exclusive products, you can commission a custom collection. We can take you from start to finish: research, design, production, package, and logistics.

For both options, we also offer:

Customized Brand

We offer a variety of LOGO customization options for you to choose from

Personalized Packaging

We can customize your unique packaging.

At the same time, our laboratory has a variety of packaging testing equipment, that can be tested in advance of the packaging from different heights of fall, and in transit through a variety of road conditions, environmental damage to the packaging.

Different Product Ranges

We have different collections for medium, premium, and super-premium. 


We can either send them to your designated port or warehouses. 

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, we can provide you with a one-piece delivery service through third-party cooperative express.

Whatever the reason, we will take on the burden of shipping and be fast and efficient doing it.

After-Sales Service


After-Sales Training

We provide free after-sales training for all customers, you just need to designate/dispatch your after-sales person, and we will provide training on product installation and common troubleshooting via video conference or face-to-face.

Existing Collections

Choose from a variety of ready-made collections. Each collection has signature functions, colors, features, materials, and trims that make them special. So, you’re sure to find products to suit the style of your target customer.  

Choosing from our existing collections means:


Lower Costs & Risks

We cover all the costs and risks of new product development for you.
You can select the best-selling products for your own market by ordering small quantities of multiple styles.

This is especially suitable for small and medium-sized brands or entrepreneurs.


MOQ As Low As 1 Piece

Different products have different minimum order requirements(usually is 500pcs), and some of the products’ MOQ is only 1 piece!

We will also launch stock clearance offers from time to time, please ask us for details.


Speedy Delivery Times

After discussing your needs, we’ll send you a shortlist of designs to choose from. 

Then you can select the products you want and discuss the order details.

After the order is placed, new labels and products for your brand are produced and delivered.

Usually, your first order could be delivered as soon as within 6 to 8 weeks. Subsequent orders within 3 to 4 weeks.


DIY Your Unique Combination

You can make a unique new product by combining several existing independent products by DIY.


Non Exclusive Items

We will try to maintain your rights in your home market, but we cannot guarantee you exclusive sales rights.

Let's Work Together

We support you and your company with our specialized personnel, service offers, and efficient logistics. Benefit from our flexibility and the quick availability of goods according to your needs. We can supply you with small quantities or large containers - depending on your needs.

Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you!